All used commercial vehicle kinds, including small, light, intermediate, medium, and heavy ones, are financially supported by Pro Truck Loan.As for loan takeover facilities, we also recommend third-party settlement help.



What is refinance?


Refinancing your present machinery and equipment can provide much-needed money to support your business during a period of expansion and provide leverage during a turnaround situation.
We will also take into account outdated and specialized equipment that other financing providers might be obliged to pass up…
Pro Truck Loan will cooperate with you no matter what your circumstances are.

Ask us how refinancing can benefit you when you give us a call today.


Benefits of Refinancing


Better Interest Rate

If you're unsure if your credit score will allow you to acquire the interest rate you want, adding a cosigner to the loan might increase your chances of receiving a better deal.


Extend Loan Term

You can refinance and lengthen the loan term if you are unable to obtain a cosigner, your credit hasn't significantly improved, or you are having financial difficulties.


Save Money

You may cut your payment to save money every month, and you can also get a reduced interest rate to further reduce your savings for the remaining term of the loan.