Loan and Lease

Along with sale-leasebacks, pre-approvals, and a variety of other choices for leasing equipment. To find out more about the benefits of leasing your next truck, trailer or other piece of heavy equipment, contact one of our advisors.

Best Flexible Loans

Loan Services

Both secured and unsecured loans are available at Pro Truck Loan. You will require a collateralized asset (equipment refinancing) for a secured loan.

Unsecured loans don’t require security in the form of an asset, but they do demand information about your credit history and cash flow in order to be approved.

Best Lease Deals

Leasing Services

Leasing is a more flexible option for getting the equipment you need for your company.

Less taxation is one of the numerous advantages of leasing. You may arrange leases in a number of ways to manage your finances and cash flow.

Additionally, leases might have a range of payment plans that are adapted to the flexibility requirements of your company.

Our Benefits Service

Benefits from lease and loan services which we offer

100% Financing

With no down payment necessary for the majority of offers, we can help you maintain your financial resources and credit lines.

Tax Benefits

Speak with our tax expert about the advantages of deducting leasing payments and avoiding paying large upfront sales taxes.

24 Hour Approval

While we can get credit approvals in a day very quickly as compared other banks and other financial organizations frequently act slowly.

Purchase Options

Use your selections to buy the equipment for as low as $ or a specified residual at all the end value of the term. Consult one of our experts to discuss your purchasing alternatives.

Preserve Capital

Keep your cash and credit lines available for operational charges and other outlays. Use your money in different ways to make investments in different parts of your company.

Flexible Terms

Payments can be scheduled in accordance with the anticipated seasonal revenue for your firm. Depending on your demands, our terms might last from three to six months.

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It's never been simpler to apply! Fill out our two-minute process, easy-to use application.

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Get Approved

Within 4 business hours, receive approval! You will hear from one of our Lease & Finance Specialists.

Step 3

Get Your Funding

We can finance it! From beginning to end, our staff will relentlessly work for you to get your funding.